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Paul Runs for the Win!

Paul recently took part in the Vitality run in London- I interviewed him to find out more!

Where was the run Paul?

We started by St James' park in London, the run went past Buckingham Palace too!

What was the weather like?

Sunny and Breezy- sounds like the perfect conditions for a run!

How many people took part?

Over 1000 people

Were you running the event for a charity?

Yes- Special Olympics Great Britain, we don't know the total amount raised yet

What was the atmosphere like?

It was exciting, there was lots of cheering- people like tourists were cheering us on too, they were curious as to what we were doing!

How did you train for the run?

I trained every day, it took a lot of hard work and training to build up my stamina

Any tips for other runners?

Make sure you warm up your muscles by walking and stretching

What time did you do your run in?

17 minutes and 52 seconds- wow!!

A huge congratulations Paul on an excellent time, here is a photo with Paul and his medal at the end, inspiring!


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