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About Us

Here at Annedd Ni we provide a friendly, welcoming environment and very much have an open door policy so please feel free to pop in and say hello if you are passing!

The Annedd Ni Team

We have a small team of dedicated staff at Annedd Ni who are always happy to help and get involved with new projects and ideas within the sessions!

Rachel Jones

Annedd Ni Manager

Hi, I'm Rachel! I've managed Annedd Ni since October 2012, and I've seen a lot of changes over the years- all for the better! I'm committed to developing and providing the best service we can, and I'm always happy to listen to any ideas you have for new sessions. If you're worried about something my office door is always open- come and have a chat and we can try and work it out together! I love my job at Annedd Ni, I get to see so many fabulous people each week and work alongside the best team too!

Dewi Evans

Annedd Ni

Support worker

Music Instructor and Party DJ!

I joined the team in 2011 to lead the music sessions, and now work 3 days a week at Annedd Ni. I love a good singsong, the music sessions and Karaoke with our Saturday social group are great fun!

Working at Annedd Ni has given me the opportunity to develop my skills too, helping the drama group write scripts for their plays,and editing interviews with Welsh artists too! 

Clare Gaskell Thomas

Annedd Ni

Support Worker

Needlework Instructor

I've worked at Annedd Ni for over 10 years now, leading the needlework session each Wednesday where we enjoy a good chat whilst creating our projects! It's a great place to work, seeing lots of individuals each week and being part of a great team too!

I love a good party, my favourite being the Halloween party where I usually take the fancy dress to a whole new level! 

Denise Jones

Annedd Ni 

Support Worker

Art Instructor

I joined the team in 2017 and with my creative nature soon became the Art Instructor. I love trying out new ideas I find on Pinterest, and its great to see everyone bring their own style and influence to projects.

I love the social side of Annedd Ni, meeting different people and sitting down to have a panad and a natter with them!

Sue Hart

Registered Manager

 I have had the pleasure of being involved with Annedd Ni since 2014, with my main role being that of supporting the managers. I love seeing individuals enjoying themselves by learning new skills, gaining confidence and making friends. I love attending the parties, it's a great opportunity to catch up with everyone and to hear about their achievements!

I am committed to Annedd Ni providing a person centred service.

Wendi Hughes-Jones

Annedd Ni 

Support Worker

Hi! I've worked in Annedd Ni for 7 years now. I love chatting with everyone, learning about their likes and interests. 

I bring lots of energy and enthusiasm to all the sessions I support! You'll see me singing along in the music sessions, bopping around in dance and acting the part in Drama!

I also support the walking club on alternate weeks and love getting out and about with the group!


Loveth Osamudiamen

Annedd Ni 

Support Worker

I joined Annedd Ni in 2023 and I love meeting new people. I have loved having the opportunity to get to know more of the local area with the individuals we support, and to experience Welsh culture and song.

I love singing and our Saturday group will usually persuade me to take a turn on the Karaoke!

Ian Lloyd-Jones

Annedd Ni

Walking Club

Support worker

I joined Annedd Ni in 2019 as the walking club leader, I have lots of experience in the outdoors and work abroad a couple of times each year leading husky sledding and other fun activities!

The group will tell you I'm famous for my bad jokes... I have no idea what they're talking about! It's great to explore and enjoy the wonderful countryside we have on our doorstep and it's brilliant for our health too!

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