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Enjoying a Film at Pontio!

On Tuesday 11th July Annedd Ni were invited to join Pontio for a special screening of "Puss in Boots; The Last Wish".

Pontio were keen to gain some feedback on accessibility to feed into their new accessibility video which will be launched on their website in the future.

Whilst watching the film Pontio had adjusted the sound levels to 75%, and used the "relaxed" setting for the lighting which meant everyone could see if they needed to move about at all or go to the toilet, but it still was dark enough to have that cinema atmosphere!

The film was great with lots of giggles and laughs throughout!

After the film Manon and Dion took us all for a tour showing us the Bryn Terfel Theatre and the Studio room where we sat and had a drink and a chat about how everyone had enjoyed their visit and anything that could be improved on!

I'd like to thank Pontio once again for inviting us to participate- it's a privilege to be able to give our views to a local business who are keen to ensure they are as accessible as possible!


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