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Drama Group- 3 word story!

In yesterday's Drama session we did an activity to help us work on our improvisation skills and teamwork too. The aim was to create a story- each person could say 3 words then they handed the story onto the next person in the group. Here is what we came up with! This took around 30 minutes, it's much harder than we first thought, and it was interesting to see the different directions that the story took. We all had our own ideas about what would happen next but rarely did the next person have the same idea!

Give it a go with friends or family and let us know what you come up with!

Once upon a star and moon in the sky, there’s a King and a Queen who had a fly around Mars, to see if they could find if aliens exist.

Whilst exploring they saw sunlight and it was very bright with three flying pigs who came from Jupiter.

They washed away the dust from the wind turbines, they land on the moon which is a moonwalk, just like Michael Jackson would fly across the dancefloor.

Next they decided to sing Earth Song very loud so they could celebrate a holiday which was for the planet, the children and the animals.

There’ll be a moon wedding, they invited the three flying pigs to see the blue moon in the sky. They have a big party on Mars with a trumpet to play the Wedding March. A horse & carriage drove them away.

Rachel Hannah Dewi Kevin Tracy


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