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Carols at the Co-op!

We at Annedd Ni are very excited to have been chosen as one of Co-ops Community Causes!

This means that anyone with a co-op membership card can choose as their cause, and each time they shop and scan that card not only do they collect rewards for themselves but co-op put some money into Annedd Ni's pot too!

This money will be used in the future to provide wellbeing courses that run over 10 weeks here, and there will be the opportunity to learn about keeping healthy in body and mind, making friends and visiting places in the local community too!

Our affiliated store is the Co-op in Llanfairpwll, but you can choose Annedd Ni as your local cause from anywhere in the country and contribute by scanning your membership card in any of their stores UK wide!

To share some festive cheer on Friday 9th December the Annedd Ni music group and a few others who love to sing met at Llanfairpwll Co-op to sing Christmas carols for the customers! It was a brilliant atmosphere and certainly got me in the Christmas spirit! Co-op kindly provided us with mince pies and it was a lovely morning- frosty outside but we all left with warm hearts!


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