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Annedd Ni Summer Party (no1!)

On Wednesday 2nd August Annedd Ni hosted their first Summer Party of 2023!

We held the party in Caernarfon Football Club, and decided on a Fancy Dress theme of "Celebrating YOU!" so individuals could choose to dress up as something beginning with the same letter as their name, or just come as their wonderful selves!

It was another sellout party, and there was lots of dancing, Karaoke, a plentiful buffet and lots of fun!

A special Well Done to our Fancy Dress winners:

Jen the Judge Ashlee as Alice in Wonderland

Geoffrey the Guard Andrea as Nurse Angela

Luke as Luke Skywalker- no photo unfortunately of this one, but the force was with him!

And Caroline as Cat in the Hat

A great effort was made by so many and I'm sorry we couldn't give you all prizes!

A big thank you to Sparkly Sue, Dewi DJ, Doctor Denise and Leopardprint Loveth for their hard work on the night ensuring everyone had a brilliant time!

We look forward to seeing you at our End of Summer Party on 29th August!

Rachel aka Little Red Riding Hood!


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