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Annedd Ni's October Reopening! (English version)

Hi Everyone!

We hope you have been keeping safe and well in these strange times.

If you have received a Newsletter / letter you will be aware that we will be recommencing some of our sessions at the start of October. We have therefore been very busy making changes within Annedd Ni in order to allow for social distancing and to keep everyone as safe as we possibly can.

There are still restrictions in place however, meaning we cannot offer our music sessions or our dance session at present. We hope this will change in the near future.

We have been working closely with the Local Authority (Social Services?)who have identified which individuals come back initially (our numbers are restricted slightly due to the social distancing).

We hope that it won’t be too long before we can welcome everyone back, but, you will be aware that things are constantly changing, and this also depends if there is a rise in COVID-19 cases locally.

Everyone’s safety is our priority.

All of the sessions we are offering have been fully risk assessed, below is a list of the changes you can expect.

  • We will be staggering entry to Annedd Ni for the sessions to prevent too many people attempting to enter at once. You may be asked to come in via the back door which opens onto the car park so that we can reduce congestion by the front door. You will be given a time slot to arrive, please try and arrive as close to this time as possible to help us make sure we can get everyone into the building safely.

  • We will be asking everyone to cleanse their hands upon entering Annedd Ni, and at points throughout the sessions.

  • Our reception area is too small to allow for many people to social distance so for the time being so when you come in you will be directed straight into an activity room. If you do not require your support worker in the session with you they will be able to sit in the reception area or another designated area as directed by Annedd Ni staff.

  • As you enter the building an Annedd Ni staff member will ask you screening questions to check you have not got any symptoms of coronavirus. We will also check your temperature via a non contact thermometer. We point this at your forehead and it will read your temperature. Any staff that accompany you will need to have their temperature checked as well. Anybody who fails the screening questions or reads a high temperature will not be allowed to enter the building and will have to return home where we recommend that you request a test to see if you have coronavirus. You will not be able to return to Annedd Ni until you have self isolated for 14 days, or received a negative test result.

  • A member of the Annedd Ni team will sign you in (and any staff that accompany you) and record your temperature reading on the sign in sheet.

  • Any support staff that accompany you will be required to give their phone number to Annedd Ni staff in order for us to be able to provide details for track and trace purposes.

  • Some sessions will be split across our 2 activity rooms (upstairs and downstairs) to allow for social distancing at 2metres

  • You will still be able to enjoy a drink with us after sessions, this will however be seated within the activity room due to the constraints of the reception area

  • Our toilets will be cleaned thoroughly between sessions.

  • We ask that you do not enter the kitchen area, Annedd Ni staff will provide you (and your support staff) with drinks as required.

  • Additional equipment for sessions like art has been purchased, so that each person can have their own box of equipment to prevent cross contamination. All equipment will be cleaned with antibacterial spray at the end of the session before being put away until your next session.

  • If you are able to pay via bank transfer (BACs) to avoid cash transactions this would be much appreciated and we will send an invoice monthly for sessions. Where this is not possible we ask you to please bring the correct cash for sessions and to place this in an envelope to pass to staff. Receipts will be provided as normal.

  • Between sessions Annedd Ni staff will be cleaning the activity rooms, kitchen and all surfaces (chairs, tables and door handles) in accordance with our new robust cleaning schedule.

  • If you are being collected by family or support staff from Annedd Ni they will be asked to remain outside the building and to ring the bell to alert staff to their presence.

  • Where possible our staff will be keeping 2 meters apart from you, however if you need help with something they will wear a face shield to be able to assist you. Similarly if you were to require first aid staff will be wearing a face shield/mask, gloves and an apron to be able to help you safely.

We know this is a lot of information to process so please don’t hesitate to contact Rachel if you have any questions at all. We look forward to welcoming you back!


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