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MonologAye- A Blas Pontio Project

Earlier this year Mared, who many will remember from her days of leading our music sessions in Annedd Ni, got in touch with me to ask if I could think of anyone from Annedd Ni who might enjoy sharing their experiences and thoughts about Bangor as part of an upcoming project.

One lady sprung immediately to mind; Beryl, who has lived in Bangor in the same house since being a young girl, and is now approaching her 80th birthday (not that you'd ever believe it!) often reminisces with us about Bangor, and the many experiences she has had during her lifetime.

The next step of the project was for Beryl to be introduced to Buddug, who would be the writer collating all the wonderful stories and information Beryl had to share, and creating Beryl's unique monologue.

Buddug and Beryl met a few times in Annedd Ni, over a cup of tea of course! And Beryl was given the opportunity to talk about what Bangor means to her and share fond memories.

Wednesday 6th September was the big day: MonologAye a performance of 10 unique Monologues sharing stories of Bangor.

Buddug read out Beryl's monologue, with Beryl sat proudly by her side holding her hand!

Beryl we are so proud of you- what an amazing experience to be able to tell your story, and so brave of you sitting on stage with Buddug hearing your words ringing out in the theatre! We are so glad that so many of your friends and family were able to come along and listen and to support you too!

A huge thank you to Mared for inviting us to be involved in this project, and to Buddug for being so wonderfully kind and talented bringing Beryl's monologue to life.

A big thank you as well to Pontio for donating the profits from the evening to Annedd Ni, enabling us to invest in new equipment for our sessions to offer as many opportunities to individuals as we can!


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